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Hospitality Network

Who you are? What you get? How does it help?

‘Businesses’ are participating outlets that recognize and reward Hospitality Workforce within their community. This recognition is delivered in the form of a $10 discount for any bill of $20 or more*. That’s it. It’s simple. No coupons. No calculating percentages. Just taking off $10 as a professional courtesy.

*Or not. As a participating business, you can use your own discretion to make the rules. ten·der hop understands that each situation is unique. Perhaps your Business wants to allow dine-in usage, as well as take-out and delivery, or only on food excluding beverages, or will only accept one membership usage per day, per table, per transaction – Say it. *Example: Your restaurant has two for one hamburgers and it’s not affordable to offer a ten·der  hop member their discount…then don’t. Hoppers will be informed when they purchase their membership that each participating establishment makes the rules.

The core of this program is to give back to the Workforce that it Serves and vice versa. ten·der hop only asks that the discount is $10 off of a $20 or more purchase. No more, no less. If the bill comes to $90, the Hopper pays $70 and holds up their end by checking-in and/or leaving a positive review. 

You get this:

  • A population that will patronize your establishment that typically can’t afford to do so
  • Free Advertising and Promotion 
  • Control of Discounting
  • A Free Employment Network 
  • Publicity and Recognition of your participation  – $2 of every membership fee is donated to charitable organizations
  • The ability to purchase memberships for your employees at group rate/discount and use them as an employment incentive 

How will this help you? 

ten·der hop helps participating establishments in several ways. The ‘TH Hospitality Network’ offers a discount that is helpful enough to drive an important population that may not normally be able to patronize your Business. By including this key demographic, more Networking, Promotion and Employment opportunities are created. By simply offering this membership benefit, your business will be promoted and celebrated by the industry that it’s a part of locally. You’ll receive check-ins, site announcements, group memberships rates for your employees and free promotion.

As the ten·der hop Hospitality Network evolves, there will be many ways your Business will see even more benefits. Events and promotion will be promoted to our Hoppers. Your Business can request being featured on specific date, for a particular product or hold a ten·der hop event that brings the Hospitality Workforce together in your establishment. This loyal population is sure to respond.