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How It Hops

The core of ten·der hop’s premise is to give back to the Workforce that Serves You. A ten·der hop business offers $10 off (or 10% discount) to members by recognizing the card as well as their service! And those hard working individuals could use the special treatment. Without benefits, the Hospitality Workforce employs so many that may not have found or been able to afford to patronize your establishment. They’re coming now, because you’re on ten·der hop’s list of hopper locations!

 (a typical Hopper experience)
A Hopper enters a ten·der hop hospitality affiliate on brisk, Spring day! They flash their membership card while a server hands them a menu, and orders food from the menu and drink from the bar. After enjoying a meal and a drink, the server brings over the bill. The receipt is discounted -$10. 

a. They wink at each other and say welcome to the club! 
b. When did you work there?
c. Great service 🙂
d. Are you hiring here?
e. I’ll be back with friends!

Choose Your Discount

ten·der  hop businesses have control over the discount and there’s no contract. Businesses will have the ability to change their discount level as they wish. Please allow 5 business days and make a change only once a month. Please note business offering $10 off of $20 will likely see more traffic. Please email to make changes. 

You make the right decisions for your business and you make the rules for Hoppers!
Your choices are to offer: (pick one)
·       $10 off of $20
·       $10 off of $30
·       $10 off of $40
·       $10 off of $50

And here’s the magic….If your discount minimum isn’t met by the Hopper, you simply offer the ten·der  hop card-carrying member a straight 10% off. 

An example:
John’s Big Boy’s Burgers and Pizzas, selected $10 off of $30 as their discount, a hopper comes in for lunch and their bill isn’t $30 or more…your customer gets 10% off. 

Business Needs To Recognize

It’s all in your favor.
Returning professional courtesy to the Hospitality Workforce is coolio and easy! Each participating establishment, at their own discretion, has the right to refuse service, to not honor the discount, or to accept the membership card for any reason they see fit. Businesses that are honoring Hoppers also have complete and full authority to apply or not apply the $10 discount to any other specials, promotions, products (food, beverage, or otherwise). Venues can also opt to not honor the membership due to inconvenience or logistics related to service or hours of operation. Hospitality establishments may or may not allow more than one discount per day or per table and reserve the right to design their own acceptance of this benefit. Businesses offering this discount to their own industry staffers are cool. Thank you for doing so! 😉