Hospitality Network

  • The core of ten·der hop’s membership is to give back to the Workforce that Serves You.

    ten·der hop allows your hospitality business to choose the level of discount, while always saving a Hopper $10 or 10%. By selecting $10 off of $20, $30, $40 or $50, your business sets and controls the discount program. If a Hopper doesn’t meet the minimum set by your establishment, a card carrying member receives a straight 10% off of their bill. (Please see Fine Print page for details)

    How will this help your business? ten·der hop helps participating establishments in several ways. The ‘TH Hospitality Network’ offers a discount that drives an important population of Hoppers who may not normally find or be able to afford to patronize your venue. By including this key demographic, more Networking, Promotion and Employment opportunities are created. By simply offering this membership benefit, your business will be promoted and celebrated by the local industry and workforce. You’ll receive check-ins, site announcements, group memberships rates for your employees and free promotion.

    Sign up below to get your business recognized and promoted! Have questions about how ten·der hop will work for you? Want to hear more about the promotion schedule and benefits? Contact us now at (716)725-5060 or for a free, no obligation consult today.
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