Fine Print Hopper

Hospitality Network

Authentication of Membership

ten·der hop may require up to two references, including names and phone numbers, to prove that Hopper applicants are current Hospitality Workforce members, or alternatively request one reference along with one photo of the Hopper applicant at or in the employer’s uniform/work environment. Photo required for the membership/identification card must be clear, sized properly and visible to ensure the Venue can confirm identity. Any issue with identification or falsifying identity can result in discontinuation of ten·der hop membership. Each member will be assigned a membership number that will be visible on their card. This number will allow participating Venues to access to determine a Hoppers active status. 


ten·der hop will debit payment in the sum of $10 per month (or annual $100) via PayPal with a credit or debit card. Payment will be on the same day of each month. Typically reoccurring payment date will be determined due based on when the first purchase was made. There are no refunds. Cancellation of membership must be made 10 days before payment is due.

Hoppers Need To Recognize

Returning the professional courtesy to the Host Venue is essential by promoting and delivering helpful, positive promotion, and online check-ins. Each participating establishment, at their own discretion, has the right to refuse service, not honor the discount or accept the membership card for any reason they see fit. Venues that are welcoming Hoppers also have complete and full authority to apply or not apply the $10 discount to any other specials, promotions, products (food, beverage, or otherwise). Venues can also opt to not honor the membership due to inconvenience or logistics related to service or hours of operation. Hospitality establishments may or may not allow more than one discount per day or per table and reserve the right to design their own acceptance of this benefit. Hoppers need to be cool 😉