Hopper Benefit Page

Hospitality Network

Who you are? What you get? How can you help?

‘Hoppers’ are members of the Hospitality Workforce. Positions include: Servers, Bartenders, Chefs, Line Cooks, Musicians, Live Entertainers, Dishwashers, Hostesses, Front of House Managers, Hotel Staff, Maintenance Workers, Owners (and others!)

You get this: 

  • Your #1 perk as a ‘Hopper’ is the discount. $10 off of any bill ($20 or more) when your card is shown 
  • Network access and camaraderie. When your card is shown with your work history, conversations progress and opportunity arrives 
  • You get to give back. $2 of your $10 membership is given directly to people or charitable organizations that need assistance 

You can help by:

  • Purchasing your membership
  • Nominating and asking your favorite restaurants and venues to participate (Please submit video by uploading on social media!)
  • Using your card
  • Checking in on social media and leaving positive reviews for participating venues
  • Give feedback and appreciate the participating venues when patronizing, or make a video to upload on our site
  • Ask your current employer to participate and acquire memberships for their employees as an added perk
  • Tell your coworkers and other Hospitality Staff to join and reference your name and membership number