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Hospitality Network

This is what it is. This is what it does. This is who it serves. 

Welcome to tender hop! You’re now officially part of the Hospitality Network that has been recognized in limited circumstance. Typically an unspoken club, when a cook, server, bartender, musician, hostess or dishwasher pulls up a chair to the table of a restaurant or a bar stool at tavern.  

You’re membership as a ‘Hopper’ or your participation as a ‘Venue’ will be a valuable benefit that this industry needs!

ten-der hop is an interactive, members only network that does one thing first, it offers a straight $10 off of any bill from participating Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Clubs, VFWs, Event Spaces or anywhere else food and beverages are served, but only when $20 or more is spent. 

There are thousands of Hospitality Staff that are without Benefits. This Network connects and pays tribute to these men and women. For the Hospitality Workforce, by the Hospitality Workforce! Both ‘Hoppers’ and the establishment serving them are recognized and benefactors. 

For the ‘Venus’, they now have access to a segment of their own population that can’t afford to patronize them. This network has card carrying members that will boasting about the service and products served later, where they work. There’s no better recommendation than someone from the business you’re in!

There’s no better time than now.

Membership to ten-der hop is just $10 per month or $100 for one year. One visit pays for one month. Two dollars of each membership payment or $20 from an annual payment are donated directly back to a charity. ten-der hop will make sure funds are given to people who provide food for people who need it most!

Terms an conditions may vary as venues see suitable. Please see terms and conditions on our ‘Hopper Benefit Page‘ and ‘Venue Benefit Page‘.